Cloverdale Series


IMPACT, Cloverdale Book One
Post Apocalyptic Survival Series

What would you do if the grid went dark?

Vince Walker is looking forward to the beginning of the summer and a visit from his son Cy. But while picking up his son at the Indianapolis airport, the country is thrust into nuclear warfare with the detonation of multiple EMPs.

With fires burning out of control and the loss of the electrical grid, the entire country is thrown into chaos. Vince and his son, Cy, are forced to fight for their lives and escape the city as the world they once knew crumbles around them.

As they try to return to their hometown of Cloverdale, Indiana, or what’s left of it, they struggle to accept their new environment. Forced to come to terms with the harsh reality of the nuclear attack, they press on through what is quickly becoming a post apocalyptic wasteland.

Challenged with the absence of utilities and emergency services, they must save who and what they can before it’s too late.

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Survival, Cloverdale Book Two                                   Post Apocalyptic Survival Series
Coming June 15th 2019

Would you survive?

Vince Walker and the remaining survivors from the town of Cloverdale, Indiana continue to come to terms with their new reality. Accepting the fact that the country has been thrust into nuclear war with an unknown enemy means they must forget their former lives and forge ahead.

The affects of the EMP blasts have left the survivors with no utilities, and no communication with the world outside of their once sleepy little town. A power surge also resulted in widespread fires, destroying most buildings and homes, leaving few resources intact.

The challenge of living is made even tougher by a roving gang of looters that will stop at nothing short of killing Vince and his crew in order to take what few supplies remain.

Can they outlast their enemies? Or will the fight for survival become their last stand?